Winter is Here- Learn More About YOUR Seasons

It’s important that we realize our deep rooted connection to nature. As the seasons change, so do we. Growth comes in seasons and cycles. Being able to recognize these cycles aid in your growth. Fall and winter serve as nature’s invitation to release. Release all that is no longer serving you- relationships, friendships, habits, lifestyle choices. These are the very things that could be holding you back from growing to your full potential.  Though these things may have once served your or aided in your survival- their purpose has been served and it is now time to let go. 

Shadows from the sun are longer during winter. Take some time to address your shadow self and address traumatic memories that might have been repressed. Winter also makes room for us to take the time to learn how to be patient with yourself and nature. 

Be gentle with yourself. Have the faith that after each Winter, Spring will come. This is a fact both in nature and in our lives. Learn more about how you feel during each season, notice the transitions and discover new ways to navigate through these nuisances with ease. Never forget, you’re not alone!

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